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So  you have a fancy website, now how do you get people to see it? SEO - Search Engine Optimization - is an online marketing tactic that is mostly overlooked and disregarded by businesses. But it's SO important! Aesthetically, you might have a beautiful site...but if the internal makeup of your site is not written and laid out correctly, you might really struggle to get visitors to your site. 

"i want to be #1 on google search"

It's what nearly every business owner says when we discuss SEO. Unfortunately, there's no magic trick to showing up #1 on a Google Search. It takes time and some nurturing to your site. Google's site-crawling technology (called Spider), is a very sophisticated method, continually being developed by Google. The Spider is what crawls around on the huge world-wide-web. It is constantly scanning through websites, through every nook and cranny, and deciding how relative your site is to particular search terms. No one knows the formula to increase your site's visibility on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), but there have been a number of tactics that marketers and web developers have discovered that are helpful (and legal) in getting websites to be noticed. 

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