I'm Taylor Grey - a graphic designer from Portland Oregon.

I love to create fun ways to get people attracted to brands. I'm a marketing/advertising graduate from PSU where I focused on creating campaigns, imagery, and exposure events for businesses. I create custom branding packages for businesses (big + small). From logos, to business cards, to social media imagery, and more - I meticulously and diligently create everything your business needs to thrive. My job is to help my clients gain more clients!

Taylor Grey Designs (formerly TaylorMadeLove) began as a hobby, creating custom + original art pieces from a tiny little office in my first apartment. Although my business has expanded, I still offer those gorgeous original + custom art prints. You can see my many original designs here.

And most of all, whether you're interested in a custom logo, invitation design, or a piece of custom art, all my orders come with UNLIMITED REVISIONS. Why? Because I want your artwork to be absolutely perfect, and I don't want you to feel the pressure of only having a few revisions during the process.

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